How to Evaluate Your Facebook Business Page

In the recent past, the changes made by Facebook regarding targeting abilities, pixels, Facebook ad formats are just a few elements that have elicited mixed reactions from business owners across all sectors. Even so, having a carefully crafted and optimally branded Facebook page is more critical than ever before. If you are considering paying for the ads on Facebook or even you simply want to create a strong organic presence, you should have the following in perfect place:


  • Attractive cover photo
  • Profile photo that is visually appealing
  • One name
  • Consistency in posting
  • Description & links
  • Impressive formats
How to Evaluate Your Facebook Business Page


Profile photo

This is the one key visual element which the clients will associate your brand on your Facebook page. The first impression lasts, so invest on an irresistible profile photo for your business page. While you can choose anything you want, the best choice may be the company logo as it is safe and works to reinforce the image of the brand.

Cover photo

This is as critical as the profile photo itself. It pops up at your visitors and followers and therefore has to be striking at a glance. This is to say that the quality has to be over the top and it has to be meaningful too. You may want to experiment the cover photo by simply promoting your latest products or any other announcements related to your business.


The name has to be consistent across all the company’s digital channels.

Description and links

There are many descriptions: a long description, a short description, and an Impressum. Take your time to come up with a brief but succinct description that will keep the visitors hooked. Besides, it is a good idea to have one description across all the digital channels that your company commands presence.

Posting consistency

Posting consistently on Facebook is especially critical. Otherwise, you might realize a decrease in your Facebook Page Age Rank which would also result in reduced organic reach for your Facebook posts. Also, ensure that what you post is quality content. The good idea is that you can come up with a posting schedule that would work perfectly for you and your audience then don’t deviate from the plan.

A variety of formats

To make your page even more engaging, experiment with post types and formats. Find out the content that is more thrilling to your audience whether it is videos or images and capitalize on that. You could also link your posts to interesting topics on trusted websites or your blog

The above are some of the ways you can evaluate your Facebook business page for better performance.