Looking for Facebook Live Ideas for Your Small Business?

Do you own a small business? Are you also considering using Facebook Live as part of your front line marketing strategy? Well, that is an excellent idea. Nowadays Facebook Live is transforming many businesses, big and small! If you are looking for a few tips to help you get started check out these six helpful ideas to ensure you are at the top of this positive change.

1. Create an Interesting Title
Having a title for your live video is paramount. Remember it should not be just any title, but it should be attractive enough to create interest in your viewers. Any title that creates interest triggers curiosity and the next thing is to tune-in to find out more.

2. Reliable Wi-Fi or data connection
A weak internet connection during a live presentation will cause video drop out. As a result, your viewers will not get your message and will probably shift to something else. To avoid the embarrassment, check the condition of your internet before going on air.

Looking for Facebook Live Ideas for Your Small Business?

3. Address your viewers using their names
According to the experts using Facebook Live, referring viewers by their names when engaging makes them feel valued. This will encourage them to always tune-in to your presentations, thus generating a positive impact on your business.

4. Sending Early Notifications to your Viewers
It is important to note that this is done ahead of time so that your viewers can be ready for you with their time and also prepare questions.

5. Create a Flexible Broadcast Regarding Time and Length
The main aim of live streaming is to get many views and followers. Therefore, ensure you go on air regularly. It is recommendable to start with short videos and continues increasing with time. Also, broadcast your videos at different times to ensure you get a maximum number of viewers.

6. Do a Midstream Recap
If you notice that there are many new viewers during your next broadcast, you could also give a quick review or mention of your previous presentation. This will help to update them and they keep them interested in coming back for more.

For many small businesses, live streaming has been a real game changer! Allowing them to interact with their clients in a genuine, impactful and cost effective way. 

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