Times Change and So Do Your Business Needs

It is funny how with the passage of time we see things and can not help but reminisce. In visiting a friends office this week I was reminded once again that every business has different needs and is at a different stage in its development. 

If you have technology that serves a purpose, even though it may seem old or out dated to some, it does not mean that it necessarily requires replacing. When I started my first company years ago I took advantage of what technology was available, and yes even an electronic typewriter, like the one in the picture, assisted me in some of my daily repetitive tasks. As well, during that time, communications through phone or fax were commonplace.  

Times Change

As someone who was always looking for new and better ways to help with my business, I looked at technology as a huge advantage. I remember buying my first computer system at the office and setting up my first database. I learned very quickly that some systems worked well for the masses and some systems were just better when they were customised to a businesses needs. 

As technology improved, I transferred as much as I could to a more automated, tech based world seeing so many long term benefits. These things provided me value and even though I had business associates who were slow to adapt, some going so far as thinking this was a huge waste of time, I look now at where we find ourselves and see the positive difference it made not only in my life but in business as a whole. 

A key part of that learning was that there are many systems out there and finding the thing that works for you can take some time and effort. I tested several CRM systems the first time around and the limits that were in the first iterations were just not what I needed. This led me down the path of having my own system custom built to my specifications. Fast forward a few years and here I am again with a new company evaluating new systems. The questions I ask are always the same. What value does it provide, what are the possibilities in the future, and if it can’t do something, why not? 

I am going to repeat that, what value does it provide, what are the possibilities in the future, and if it can’t do something, why not? This really has been a go to process for me and can apply to many different situations. Whether you are looking at a new piece of software, hardware, or a new service. But to understand the full value you need to see how it can fit into your overall plan. Does it fit what you need right now or does it fit where you are going?

A business will go through many stages and with that, the needs and goals will change over time. It is because of that that I believe strongly in doing a strategic review at least once a year. Often business owners get caught up in the day to day of the business and forget to look at the bigger picture of what they are trying to achieve.  

When was the last time you reviewed your business? Understanding your strengths, the areas that could be improved, as well as determining corrective actions, are important steps in the process and provide huge value in the long run. Not sure where to start? Here is a great example from infoentrepreneurs.org of some things you can do to REVIEW YOUR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE

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