About Us

We believe that understanding the journey of an entrepreneur is critical to serving their needs. We pride ourselves on our customer-first policies and on our dedication to the ongoing education of both our clients and our team. We're not just building a business, we're building relationships.


  • 2017
    Seeing the need for a more customized approach, Alexandra has gathered a small team of like-minded professionals to work closely with businesses to help them create, engage and grow their businesses online. Through knowledge, understanding, and expertise, The Page Perfect Team provides top-level support and services.

  • 2006
    Tired of a life of leisure and full of enthusiasm, Alexandra transitioned into a new supportive role helping businesses develop their data, transition to an online ecosystem, build their web and social media presence, streamline their customer service flow and enhance their marketing efforts. Working closely with small business owners, local community groups, local and national mortgage and real estate agents, the impact she had was significant.

  • 2004
    When the timing is right, take the time! Taking the opportunity to hand over her much loved company to a new and eager ownership team, Alexandra sold the company and embarked on some much needed R and R.

  • 1992
    Alexandra started her journey into entrepreneurship in 1992. First building a successful wholesale company that serviced the automotive industry across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Through business expansion and company mergers she transformed into a wholesale/retail business serving small and medium sized businesses as well as government agencies in health, corrections and municipal services.