Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbelt. Creating quality email marketing campaigns takes work. Our email team can provide you with custom content (editorial copy, videos and graphics) and designs for your business campaigns.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our Email Marketing Services Include:

Branding Consistency

Ensure your branding is consistent and your messaging is on point.

Content Development

Development of an email content strategy geared toward your business and target demographics.

Growth Optimization

Advising on list development opportunities in compliance with CAN-SPAM and Canada's anti-spam legislation.


Publishing your campaigns in accordance with your overall marketing strategy.


Ongoing analysis and adjustments for changing demographics, competitive placement and app updates.


Monthly as well as campaign-specific progress reports. Calendar review with keyword targeting.

Take the Next Step!

In the changing digital marketplace, the demand for emails that are easy to read, personalized and relevant is even more important. It is important to remember that Email Isn't dead, it's just getting harder to do well. Source: